Friday, March 27, 2015

Scope essay-

Is Facebook Making You Mean?

       Some people think Facebook is changing us kids. Kids think it is funny to comment mean things and get away with it because it is online but whatever is on the internet can't be deleted, physically you can delete it but not mentally. Being mean on the internet is like bullying in real life that is why we call it cyber bulling. Also some people might think it wasn't mean when it really was mean.

       If you comment on a photo and you don't mean your comment to be mean but people change what you say into something else and that starts fight so before you comment think about it. And people can lie and say "your making rumors about me" and it is not true bring it up to an adult or principal.

       In the world 58% of kids say someone has been mean or hurtful to them online, and 53% of kids say they've been mean or hurtful to another person online. Some kids say really bad things and lie to where the kid getting bullied over the internet either tries to fight back or hurt them selves.