Monday, March 30, 2015

He deserves to be remembered!

Robert Smalls

Robert smalls deserves to be remembered. Robert smalls is a hero for his family and he is someone to look up to. Robert smalls was a slave and as a young boy. Robert smalls is someone to look up to because he saved himself and his family and him and his family could have died. His daughter Hannah said,”It is better that we die together.” His family trusted him and if he died they were going to die with him. The southern ships bombarded the Planter with gun and cannon fire, but it was too late. The Planter was soon under protection of the northern fleet. The northern commander was incredulous when he met the Planters crew: all slaves. Except they weren't slaves anymore.
He was a hero to his family and to others. He was a hero to his family because he never stopped trying to free them and make sure they live there life to the fullest. He was a hero to others because he never showed weakness he showed courage and didn't give up when he could have died. Robert smalls was determined to free himself and his family. You could say Robert Smalls is a forgiving person because when he was free Mr.McKee died and Mrs.McKee was still alive and she was on the streets and Robert took her in and took care of her till she died.
  Slavery was tearing the country apart.President planned to abolish slavey. The southern states would not allow that to happen. By February 1861, leaders of seven southern states announced they were splitting of from the country. On April 12, Southern solders attacked a military base in Charlestown, and the civil war began.
I would say Robert Smalls is someone to remember. Robert was forced to fight against the U.S. government, against President Lincoln, against those who wanted to end slavery. To Robert, this was intolerable. And in spite of the promise Robert made to his mother, he decided to risk everything for freedom. This might not be a big deal, but think about what it means. Robert was a slave-a victim of one of those most evil practices in history.
Yes, his former masters were kind compared slave holders, but that doesn't make it any despicable. In spite of that Robert helped Mrs.McKee though he could have justified throwing her out on the street. Despite all odds, Robert lived a life Representative of humanity's most admirable ideals. He emerged form horrifying circumstances as a hero, and deserves to be remembered forever.

Similarities and Differences on Skype and Google hangouts

Similarities and Differences


  • Skype lags a lot and freezes, so sometimes you have to hang up and call again to get the video working.
  • Google Hangouts allows you to do different things, such as put stickers on your screen so it looks like you're wearing a hat, have a mustache etc;
  • You have to pay to make voice calls on Skype.
  • Google has you go through a setup to be able to make voice calls.
  • Skype is made especially for videochatting, Google is made for all types of different things like mail, searches, documents etc;
  • Skype screen has a clearer quality.

  • Both allow you to video chat.
  • You can make voice calls on both of them.
  • You have to have an account for the websites to be able to use them.
  • Both freeze sometimes, but one does more than the other.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Scope essay-

Is Facebook Making You Mean?

       Some people think Facebook is changing us kids. Kids think it is funny to comment mean things and get away with it because it is online but whatever is on the internet can't be deleted, physically you can delete it but not mentally. Being mean on the internet is like bullying in real life that is why we call it cyber bulling. Also some people might think it wasn't mean when it really was mean.

       If you comment on a photo and you don't mean your comment to be mean but people change what you say into something else and that starts fight so before you comment think about it. And people can lie and say "your making rumors about me" and it is not true bring it up to an adult or principal.

       In the world 58% of kids say someone has been mean or hurtful to them online, and 53% of kids say they've been mean or hurtful to another person online. Some kids say really bad things and lie to where the kid getting bullied over the internet either tries to fight back or hurt them selves.