Thursday, January 15, 2015

Winter Break Narrative

Roller skating
      During this Winter Break I went Roller skating in Oberlin with Bailey, Emma, Holly, Courtney, Blake, and Dakota. When we got there we got our skates Emma, Holly, and me all got the rollar skates and Bailey, Courtney, Blake, and Dakota got roller blades. Holly, Emma and I were not good at  roller skateing so bailey and courtney tought us how and one time courtney took me around we were going really fast and we were going around the corner and I ran into the wall because I could not stop. When we were getting ready to leave we were going to stop at McDonalds because Bailey wanted some chicken nuggets and when we got there they were closed so the whole ride home we had to listen to Bailey complain about how mcdonalds should be open 24 hours a day like it says on all the signs. I was really tired when I got home but since it wad new years I staid up until the ball drop, as soon as the ball dropped I fell asleep and that was something I did over winter break.

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