Friday, December 19, 2014

American Revolution

The American Revolution

More than 500 settlers made the journey before John Rolfe, but only 60 remained when he arrived at Jamestown. They ate horses, other animals, shoes, and any other leather they could find so they didn’t starve. John Rolfe planted tobacco seeds, and saved the colony. And within two years, it grows in every garden. A different group of settlers came called Pilgrims, and settled a town called Plymouth. They arrived in the middle of a little Ice Age, and food barely grew. In the first few months of the Ice Age, more than half of the Pilgrims died. 

The British took over John Hancock’s ship and took everything away. This caused citizens to start riots. The King sent 4000 redcoats to Boston to enforce his laws and make sure people followed them. Timber was a huge market back then like oil is today, and England wanted American wood since they were running out of forests to get their own from. 10% of Boston’s population was black because of all the African slaves that were being brought over. 

Paul Revere makes a drawing of the redcoats shooting 5 colonists in the streets and calls it “The Bloody Massacre”. This spreads around, and a lot of people see it. Before England even knows anything happened, half of America already knows about the Boston Massacre. When the government doesn’t repeal the tax on tea, angry colonists dump tons of crates of tea in the Boston Harbor. 

As a result, the British close the Boston Harbor, which is one of America’s biggest ports. A lot of people lose their jobs, and a lot of colonists are angry. The first step to breaking away from England is the meeting of the Continental Congress. Some people who attended are John Adams, Patrick Henry, and George Washington.When the British are sent to arrest rebel leaders and take their weapons, Paul Revere makes his famous midnight ride to warn the local militias.

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