Friday, November 21, 2014

My Path....

My Path   

I'm Lexus Music, I'm a 8th grader at South Central Junior High. When I grow up I would like to be a Neonatal Nurse. I want to be a neonatal nurse because I would like to go to school for a medical degree and I like babies.

Career Plan

After high school I would think I would have a college picked out. I was researching Neonatal nurses on I either want to be a Neonatal Nurse or Veterinarian the pros for Neonatal is their median yearly salary is $92,670 and veterinarians is $86,640. A con for neonatal is that I have to maintain my emotions. I was researching veterinarians on Ohiomeansjobs. A Neonatal nurse needs to have patience, compassion and the ability to communicate complex concepts and teach infant care skills to parents from all backgrounds. They have to maintain emotional objectivity when faced with ethically charged situations such as neglect or a patient’s death. Neonatal nurses must also be able to work effectively with a large interdisciplinary healthcare team. A Veterinarian must be able to control stress, they must concern for others, self control, integrity, dependability, and you must have attention for detail.

My Education

To be a neonatal nurse, a student must become a registered nurse (RN) or a nurse-practitioner (NP). A registered nurse is usually a graduate of a 4-year college or university, although some community colleges offer specialized programs designed to train registered nurses in 2 years. I will be going to Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio for a Neonatal nurse. For 4 years at Ohio State University it will cost me about $76,920 my dorm room would cost about $25,000, my student fees are $1,688. The total 4 years it would cost about  $103,608. One scholarship is the Ronald McDonalds House Charities. I have brung up college with my parents.

My Reflection of Career Day

My job was a veterinarian for Career Day. Career day and researching this stuff up it different cause researching feels like i'm just messing around and just thinking about it and Career day felt like it was real like I actually had that job and I felt like I was an adult. Career day changed on how important all of this is to me.
career day.JPG
This is me at the bank trying to figure out my tuition.


I probably will go for neonatal nursing instead of veterinary and I have a feeling I will be working a lot in the summer for my education. In 5 years I will graduate from high school and in 10 years I will most likely graduate from college.

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  1. Lexie, You will have to keep working hard in school to accomplish these goals. Avoid using slang in formal writing - words such as gonna and stuff -things etc. Overall your writing has improved, but you could provide more complex sentences.