Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Hero!

     A incredible terrible thing happened on September, 11 2001, that terrible thing was two planes crashed into the twin towers in New York City were thousands of people worked. The first tower to get hit was the North tower, and then the south tower was hit on the 78th floor and a man that worked at the south tower his name is Welles and Welles went on the 78th floor and saved as many as 12 people that were still alive and then he went back up to get more survivors and then the whole tower had collapsed and he died and he had carried a red bandana were ever he went. Now a lot of people were a red bandana, the bandana represents honor and courage. There is a lot of people that look up to him as a hero. Who do I look up to? I look up to my sister because she shows me a lot of courage and heroism. My sister showed me to not be scared of anything, and to be myself and to not let anybody push me around she is my role model she is my hero! I look up to her in school and in sports. A lot of my friends tell me that they look up to my sister as a role model. My sister got 2 scholarships so she did not have to pay for anything but her books, she is going to Walsh University for Physical therapist and she plays volleyball, my sister and one other girl were the only freshman on the volleyball team. My sister is not just my sister she is a best friend.

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